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Re: [microsound] cultural production in a post-oil economy

--- Kim Cascone <kim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Internet will not work so well if the electricity is on the fritz  
> > half the time (or more).

If this was the case and electricity was on the fritz half the time or
more this item would be the least of anybodies concerns.

Time to breakout the victrola.

Anyway during the apocalypse I'd recommend a violin concerto.

On a serious note.. what would happen? I imagine radio would become
popular again as the infrastructure more or less would remain as it is
and towers can be run autonomously from a variety of compact power
sources. Receivers can be run off of very little electricity.

The main impact on electronic music would be the shift from electronic
distribution to prior methods and perhaps more interest in a variety of
live performances.. at the cost of a door charge consiting of a pints
of vegetable oil to run the deisel generator off of.


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