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Re: [microsound] Getting started

On 15 May 2007, at 00:20, Xdugef wrote:

There are three or four cracks I keep handy and they are all fine...
never any problem.. they are as stable or unstable as the software on
the install disc with a legit serial number... why?!??! cause the
software is not mangled and I'll only use keygens so....

The main thing about Reaktor and MAX etc is that they have much smaller
user bases and are smaller companies. Does that make it easier to
rationlize spending more money on them? It also means that there are
fewer brainiac crackers out there to come up with keygens for these

The joy of having a proper paid up version of the software is that when it goes wrong (which NI products do generally when you try and run them inside Protools) you have someone to phone and shout at outside your immediate family - tech support.

Which is nice. :)

ps. if anyone here is running NI stuff inside protools and has any fine tips then drop me a note!

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