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Re: [microsound] Call for Work: Queer Experimental Sound

1. why did you post/SPAM here and to the "announce" list? clearly you know
better, but want to abuse the list?
2. what the hell does your sexual orientation have to do with it?
3. will there be a "straight experiments with audio"? a bi?

really why the discrimination? is your sexual orientation your identity?
that is sad.

On 5/6/07 8:48 PM, "Ethan Shoshan" <disiterate@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Bending Sound
>   Queer Experiments with Audio
>   Call for Work and Proposals
>   Deadline: June 29, 2007
>   Curator working with MIX NYC Queer Experimental Film Festival, expanding
> festival programs to include experimental music and audio component.  This is
> a new project and therefore applicants should feel free to contact curator.
> MIX NYC¹s 20th Anniversary Festival takes place in Lower Manhattan, November
> 2007.
>   Application:
>   Looking for new innovative approaches to experiences of sound.  Individuals
> are invited to submit:
>   -          Proposals for performances working with sound and/or multi-media
> (up to 10 minutes) for inclusion in live audio event as part of the festival
> in November 2007.
>   -          Less than 10 minute audio recording to be included in a free
> sound compilation with MIXnyc program book 2007.
>   -          Or would like to collaborate and create with other
> artists/musicians for inclusion in the above.  Applicants will be matched up
> to work creatively based on either a live event or audio recording.
>   Basic A/V equipment will be available (TV¹s, DVD player, Microphones, LCD
> projector, ect) will be provided but because this is a new project, any
> special technical equipment needed for the proposal (turntables, special
> effects, light activated sonar devices, ect) applicant will need to provide.
>   Proposals should include:
>   1 ­ Contact Information
>   2 ­ Proposal Summary if proposing a performance (up to 500 words)
>   3 ­ Work Samples: VHS ­ NTSC Format, DVD, CD-Rom, Audio CD, Cassette Tapes,
> website, images (jpg, tiff, pdf) or audio files (mp3, wav, aiff)
>   4 ­ Work Sample Summary: A short description of each work submitted
> including artist(s) name, title, date, medium, venue, duration, and
> applicant¹s role (if collaborative work).
>   5 ­ Optional Information (short bio, reviews, photos, ect.)
>   6 ­ SASE for return of materials if sending via snail-mail
>   For questions please contact Ethan Shoshan at disiterate@xxxxxxxxx
>   Send Materials
>   Via Email to Ethan Shoshan at disiterate@xxxxxxxxx (up to 8mb emails)
>   Or
>   Snail Mail to:
>   Ethan Shoshan
>   MIXnyc Audio 2007
>   486 Greenwich St
>   New York, NY 10013
>   All applicants will be notified in July
>   You are encouraged to submit before the deadline!
>   MIX NYC promotes, produces, and preserves experimental media-from film and
> video to performance and music-that is rooted in the lives, politics, and
> experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) and otherwise
> queer-identified people. Founded in 1987, MIX has earned a reputation as a
> crucible for artist-driven innovation with an established international
> influence on the world of experimental media. MIX is unique among arts and
> community-building organizations for its work on behalf of queer experimental
> media artists, supporting their production of new work, and making that work
> accessible to the public. For almost two decades, we have worked to create a
> home for queer experimental media. MIX is also unique among New York City's
> cultural institutions. The annual New York Queer Experimental Film Festival,
> our most visible and longest-running program, showcases films and videos that
> literally go unseen in other venues. We define "experimental" broadly to mean
>  not only films made using unorthodox techniques, but also those that deal
> with subject matter outside of the mainstream. In this respect, the MIX
> festival stands literally at the avant garde-the forefront of artistic
> innovation-and serves as a proving ground for new, socially conscious film.
> MIX NYC actively engages communities around the city and the nation through
> on-site local and touring screenings. We also preserve aging queer
> experimental films, such as the early 16mm work of Marguerite Paris, to
> guarantee its endurance for the future; and we operate a summer-long youth
> media training program to provide a new generation of queer filmmakers with
> the tools they need to make their voices heard.  For more information on MIX
> NYC and programs go to ­ www.mixnyc.org
>   About Curator:
>   Ethan Shoshan is a scientist, activist, writer, teacher, and artist working
> with various media (performance, video, sculpture, textiles, clothes, dance,
> technology, internet, & collaboratives) born in Brooklyn, NY.  He is a
> collaborator/co-founder of the it/EQ community arts collective, working to
> promote arts/artists in a community exchange through showcasing vital unknown
> artists, providing multicultural exchanges, and visibility to minority or
> underrepresented people.  He has shown and performed at Collective
> Unconscious, Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance, Dixon Place, Andrea Rosen
> Gallery, Galeria De La Raza, 92nd St Y, the Kitchen and other alternative
> spaces in New York, Washington DC, Chicago, and California.  Media attention
> include articles in The Washington Post, NY Times, Manhattan Network
> Neighborhood TV, Bronx Cable TV, Brooklyn Cable Access, and various small
> press magazines and web-articles.  He has also received a grant from the
> Puffin Foundation for his
>  community based projects.  For MIXnyc 2006, he helped organize/curate
> TragicBride/FashionVictim ­ www.mixnyc.org/April10Screening/April10.htm
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