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Re: [microsound] microsleepmusic

since obtaining a stereo for my bedroom with a 3 cd changer and a daily timer, i pay attention more to what is good to listen to when i wake to music...

one of my favorites has been the melatonin 2 cd compilation:

"Melatonin - Meditations On Sound In Sleep collects together a vital and dynamic selection of today's most inventive sound artists and composers. These artists reflect on how sound is envisaged in their own sleeping lives and how these impressions can be used as an artistic reference point. During sleep, a process controlled in part by the body's use of the chemical melatonin, our brain functions in a markedly different fashion to our waking life. As an example, reading is noted by many sleep researchers to be a quite unusual process, whereby words simply fall off the page, their graphical meaning abstracted as various sections of the brain recline into states of rest. Something similar is true for sounds we hear generated within dreams. The way in which incidental atmospheres complement, interrupt or interfere with our sleep suggests a new set of understandings. It is these concepts that are explored here in a deeply personal and reflective manner."

Artists: Chris Watson, Stephen Vitiello, Ai Yamamoto, Oren Ambarchi, John Chantler, Scanner, Zane Trow, David Toop, Steinbrüchel, DJ Olive, Lawrence English, Pimmon, Marina Rosenfeld, Skist, Timeblind, DJ/Rupture, Philip Samartzis, Barrett, Musgrove, Sinclair, Martin NG, Tetuzi Akiyama, Frost, Gail Priest, Tim Koch, Janek Schaefer. 


i am in no way connected to this release... i just enjoy how i feel as it lifts me into wakefulness...


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