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Re: [microsound] microsleepmusic

Recently I have done the same sort of project, but instead of 48  
minutes I managed to create a drone of 8,5 hours.

I can also recommend 'Robert Rich - Somnium', this is a DVD with a 7  
hour and 4 minutes during ambient journey based on his earlier sleep  

Kind regards,

Arjen Schat.

Op 27-jun-2007, om 2:30 heeft João Ricardo het volgende geschreven:

> That's why I made "sleeping aid" a couple of years back: http:// 
> www.archive.org/details/sleeping_aid
> Being a long piece (48 mins.) it's likely to put one to sleep : )
> http://ocp.pt.vu
> http://operadordecabine.blogspot.com