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Re: [microsound] Wayne Smart Rocks Auomtated out of office messages...

I should apologise about this - every time I leave the office you all get bombareded with automated responses.

Many apologies.

By the way - not actually a Canadian musician, and certainly not so tastefully attired....

Inactive hide details for bryan garcia <brymoxine@xxxxxxxxx>bryan garcia <brymoxine@xxxxxxxxx>

          bryan garcia <brymoxine@xxxxxxxxx>

          31/05/2007 11:51 PM

          Please respond to
          microsound <microsound@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>


microsound <microsound@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>



Re: [microsound] Wayne Smart Rocks Europe

i know where he is.




rock on !

> I will be out of the office starting  31/05/2007 and
> will not return until
> 04/06/2007.
> I will be returning to my position at Freycinet as
> of Monday. All Prospect
> related enquiries should be directed to Anne-Maree
> Smith or Janine Keesing.
>  The information in this transmission may be
> confidential and/or protected
> by legal professional privilege, and is intended
> only for the person or
> persons to whom it is addressed. If you are not such
> a person, you are
> warned that any disclosure, copying or dissemination
> of the information is
> unauthorised. If you have received the transmission
> in error, please
> immediately contact this office by telephone, fax or
> email, to inform us of
> the error and to enable arrangements to be made for
> the destruction of the
> transmission, or its return at our cost. No
> liability is accepted for any
> unauthorised use of the information contained in
> this transmission.

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