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[microsound] backup advice


I am wondering if anyone has any experience with Deja Vu or Synk backup applications for Macintosh. My friend recently had an external hd failure and lost almost all his files for the last 2 years of music making, sound synthesis, and graphic design. Clearly, purchasing more space from Apple on my .mac account is not an option with the prices they charge (I need to backup around 100 gb of my own music experiments and graphic design files). I would like the ability to set a time for auto backup, and I would like the GUI to blend with os x. I would like one external to be home base for my two other externals. Anyone have any ideas regarding Deja Vu, Synk, or anything I may not have found? I want to stay away from syncx and the lacie backup software if possible.

Will be nice when Leopard comes out. I hope Apple expands Backup, and with Time Machine, becomes the lifesaver it can truly be.

Thanks in advance,


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