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RE: [microsound] Homebrew OS for kaosspad3

not sure it'll ever happen. The MPC stuff seems to exists mainly because a former engineer left with the source code.

If u'r looking at touch screen based unit, u might check out the new GP2x. The original one is rather ace. With linux running and loads of processing power. The new one adds touch screen one top and and with a bit of luck u might get USB audio device to do the in/out audio.
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> Sent: dimanche 16 septembre 2007 16:23
> To: microsound
> Subject: [microsound] Homebrew OS for kaosspad3
> Is there any information available about this among you people?
> Such as for the MPC, maybe someone knows where i could get a homebrew
> Operative System for my KP3?
> Thanx in advance,
> reSet Sakrecoer
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