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[microsound] Re: Image to Sound Converters

see Norbert Moslangs new CD on cut.fm

Norbert Möslang // computer

«header_change» is the latest installment in Norbert Möslang´s long- running work in the transmutation of light into sound. The title refers to the practice of changing the values in the header code of a data file. In this case, Möslang changed the headers of video stills from Swiss video artist Silvie Defraoui to create sound files. At the invitation of Defrauoi for her reception of an arts prize granted by the City of St. Gallen, Möslang pressed these audio files to vinyl and mixed them live. These files also became the basis for the seven compositions on «header_change,» a work of slowly evolving textures, hacking across frequencies of light into sound.

Norbert Möslang is a visual artist and musician living in St. Gallen, Switzerland. His activities include audio and video installations, photography, works for internet, improvisation and composition using «everyday cracked eletronics.»
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