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[microsound] tinnitus?


Has anyone of you ever suffered from tinnitus? If yes, what's your strategy to conquer it?
I'm a musician in various experimental fields (also djing) and got tinnitus from a concert a few years back. it got slightly better, but as a musician, composer and performer you got certain noise levels you just cannot avoid. I am wearing specially configured ear plugs when playing live and going out though. If I'm in a totally noise- and sound-free room (imagine a totally closed toilet or sth.) I can clearly hear a sound - like some far away white noise - in my ears. I just cannot remember how it was before I got tinnitus or whether it's normal to hear at least sth. I mean what's normal hearing anyway? I think that most long time musicians hear some kind of extra noise produced by their ears/brain. I imagine hearing music without this extra must be much more powerful. Sometimes when I am not exposed to music for a week when I am back playing and listening the sounds are much more intense. just like after a diet or sth. 
Unfortunately I started goin to gigs when I was very young and back then I was quite careless, no earplugs, standin in the front rows etc.

thanks and kind regards,


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