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RE: [microsound] renoise

I see a couple if reason to still use trackers now:

1- efficiency. For the ones like me that don't play instruments but still
pretent to write music, programs like cubase and live are a LOT slower than
trackers. Trackers are all controllable by key or combination of knobs and
become really fast once you know them. It's like in everything, some type of
interface/control work better for some people than others. For me, key
combos are optimal.

2- sound. There's two aspect there. First, and probably renoise set apart
(since renoise is a hell of a polished one) trackers are crude and grittey.
There are some people, that would include me) that love that style. Second,
the stepped control you have on the effects gives you some type of dynamic
control that a few full blown sequencers can't deliver without hours of
copy/paste & RSI. Some trackers even propose tables of commands that allows
sonic manipulations way beyond what conventional programs propose. There's
also a much tighter relationship between the sequencer and the sound engine.

3- portablility. The only viable 'portable' (i.e. that you can put in your
pocket) music making machines I've met are based on trackers. All pen/draw
interfaces I've seen or tried to use in the bus failed completely.

In my perfect world, I use trackers to compose on the go then render
everything into separate channels to import inside ableton live for mixing.

> curious what kind of creative advantage/perspective this kind of
> sequencer might give over more modern sequencers, like ableton live
> or logic?
> is their any reason to go down this route aside from an interest in
> its historical/gaming context? i know people like autechre and
> whatnot claim to use them... i think maybe venetian snares too... but
> i just don't see the advantage... it seems so archaic and unintuitive
> to me...
> thoughts?

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