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Re: [microsound] renoise

I'm not sure if this is possible in 'normal' sequencers, but it works amazing in Renoise:

Kind regards,

Arjen Schat.

Op 16-nov-2007, om 19:21 heeft Graham Miller het volgende geschreven:

curious what kind of creative advantage/perspective this kind of sequencer might give over more modern sequencers, like ableton live or logic?

is their any reason to go down this route aside from an interest in its historical/gaming context? i know people like autechre and whatnot claim to use them... i think maybe venetian snares too... but i just don't see the advantage... it seems so archaic and unintuitive to me...



On 16-Nov-07, at 11:58 AM, Kim Cascone wrote:

sorry if this has been brought up before but I remembered someone in a workshop being very pleased with this:

anyone have any experience using this tracker?

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