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Re: [microsound] funny post on Linux audio

haha.  familiarity is not a synonym for easy. someone needs to rtfm a
bit :)

near the end of the page:

"Oh, but in the end, I just ended up using sox and normalize in a script
to do my MP3s in a batch…"

bwahahaha!  right tools for the right job,and all that.  too bad he
didn't just use the right ones for his task to start off with....

addressing his bitchfest tho - 

my personal favorite (and a little more soundforge like, whatever that's
worth...) is rezound.  

i've used it for a few years now, and i love it.  it does pretty much
exactly the things that i need in my process in an easy to use and
remember way.  

ladspa, multiple file edit and simultaneous playback, deep loop creation
tools, etc. etc.

some fun realtime glitchery to be had too if you play a selection in
loop mode and move the start/end markers around while playing.

check out the supported feature list.  it's quite something. no jack
support yet (but jack-in is the only thing that really makes sense to me
on that (recording).  jack out support would be convenient too tho i
guess - don't have to stop the jack server / restart lazy jack apps for
an edit session.  it's understandably a low priority feature.)




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