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Re: [microsound] funny post on Linux audio

craquemattic hat gesagt: // craquemattic wrote:

> heh, i thought it was pretty funny.
> because that's how linux is for *everything*

That's how *everything* is for *everything* when you do it for the
first time. That blog author seems to be a capable Linux user, judging
by his other posts. But he also seems to be more of a sysadmin guy.
Audio is a different beast, and I must say, that he obviously did this
for the first time ever. From his log he solved his problems with that
pretty good actually.  (Oh, I'm just guessing that "darkness" is a
guy, if not, my apologies, I based my guess purely on statistics.)

But tell a person who only knows how to do word processing to record a
session with ProTools. He'll freak out, of course, and will have to
read up on a lot of stuff. That's perfectly normal. Give a person used
to Britney a .microsound CD. He'll probably think his CD player is
broken. Is that funny?

 Frank Barknecht                                     _ ______footils.org__

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