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[microsound] year end lists


sometimes we write lists of year end favorites [books or music]. my
year has been less 'microsound-ish', but since i'm putting the idea
out there, i should put some content too.

radiohead, _in_rainbows_ [and for the 'tip jar' payment plan]
john cage, _18_microtonal_ragas_
annie lenox, _songs_of_mass_destruction_ [i've got a thing for soul singers ...]
ralph lichtensteiger, _beauty_of_found_music_

and not nearly enough of my own music!

mark haddon, _the_curious_incident_of_the_dog_in_the_night-time_
doris lessing, _shikasta_ [canopus in argos book 1]
naomi wolf, _the_end_of_america_ [yikes!]
diane wilson, _an_unreasonable_woman_

\js  [ http://or8.net/~johns/ ]

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