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Re: [microsound] year end lists

an end of year cultural debris intake list...


david tudor: rainforest
toru takemitsu: music from kwaidan
earle brown: centering
pandit ram narayan: in concert at the salle gaveau paris, 11/78
duke ellington: at fargo 1940 (awesome. truly awesome)
luc ferrari: acousmatrix 3

a huge heap of new clairaudient stuff thanks to a fall residency at
experimental sound studio.
we are still trying to figure out how best to make it available.


paul klee: notebooks
gertrude stein: tender buttons
mark z. danielewski: house of leaves
peter markus: good brother
robert f port and tim van gelder, eds: mind as motion: explorations in the
dynamics of cognition

that's a bit of what i can remember.