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[microsound] Microsound Mix "Unclassified Digital Aesthetic"


Here is my first post to microsound list. I've discovered this extraodinary
web site accidentaly !
I really love all the projects. Also, I'm a dj playing various styles of
music and I've made a little mix for friends and people of some microsound
tracks;) I hope you enjoy even if it's not really the concept of microsound

David (aka Maitryea)
Paris / France

*To Download the mix, click here :**
*(or on my page
#53 "Unclassified Digital Aesthetic))

*More info (sorry it's in french) below:*

*---------------------- French Topic (May 27th 2008) ----------------

Genre Anti-Genre ! Abstract !

J'ai vraiment craqué sur ce petit site au concept bien sympa :
Je leur dédie ce mix... sans oublier mon pote Chris 'Ze Maitre Du Mal' @
Plan 9 auquel vient s'ajouter son brillant
*Abdominal Modulations* de l'album *Akiloeth*.

... Vastes séries de tracks dans les projets microsound, le choix fut
difficile, le mix propose quelques extraits :

4 x Madrid
2 x Klanghausen
2 x City of the future
5 x Pi
1 x Stone & Ripple
1 x Watermann Memorial
1 x Steim Bufferfuct
3 x McDonna
2 x Parasites
47 x 7econds
1 x Plan 9

Les projets ont été réalisés entre 2001 et 2004.

Que dire d'autre??? Respect! ; çà suffira.


*Mix n°* : 53 - Maitreya
*Titre* : *Unclassified Digital Aesthetic*

[image: http://www.xdatacenter.net/share/mix53-front.jpg]

*Style* : pas de style, pas de classement, c'est le but!!! on peut dire
Abstract pour les puristes...
*Durée* : ~1h22
*Date* : Mardi 27 Mai 2008
*Format* : mp3 (CBR 192Kbps, 44khz)
*Taille du fichier* : 120,186,880 octets.
*Nombre de parties mixées* : 69

[image: http://www.xdatacenter.net/share/mix53-back.jpg]

*Pour télécharger, cliquez ici :** http://www.megaupload.com/fr/?d=G9B98TG6*

*Alternative de téléchargement et d'écoute* : Maitreya's Mixs

A suivre,
Bonne écoute.

---- Pour ceux qui désirent en savoir plus ----

Les projets de microsound.org sont des sujets dans lesquels des artistes
étaient invités à participer...
Ces projets sont maintenant clos. Voici quelques copier/coller intéressants

*About City Of The Future*

I rented Tarkovsky's 'Solaris' again last month after seeing the Soderbergh
remake in LA last November and thought it would make for a good
remix/treatment project...

I've always had a favorite part of 'Solaris': 'the city of the future' - as
it is titled on the DVD release...the entire scene is recorded from the
point of view of the astronaut as he drives to the city on the highway...the
sound design for this particular scene has always haunted me...along with
the sound for Eraserhead it is some of the best sound art in a film I can
think of (other than Stalker that is)...

I thought the title was fitting due to the current world situation...it is
not an overt political theme for the project but it implies hope for a city
in the future...so while this could mean 'Baghdad' it could also mean the
city you live in/near or a city you like to visit...a city could also
represent any large collection of various types and races of people...

in any event, this is meant to be a productive, constructive, creative theme
expressing hope for the future...

*About Madrid*

Please excuse my fragmented thoughts but I am trying to find the correct
words to describe this project so it shows respect to the victims of 3-11:

An act of terrorism took place in Madrid on March 11st that devastated the
world... A country still healing from the bloodshed and destruction of
Franco's fascist regime was hit again with more violence...

While it is still not clear who exactly is responsible for the bombings that
occurred in Madrid it is clear that the systems we have in place which
affords wealth and power to the few - over the many - no longer work and are
the cause of many of our current problems and impede the development true

During the Spanish Civil War many artists and intellectuals helped the
Spanish by fighting against the Nationalist factions... It is no surprise
that artists from around the world always seem ready and willing to come to
the aid of the Spanish people when they experience tragedy... It is time
once again to show the Spanish people that we care by expressing our
thoughts and feelings about this recent travesty...

*About Klanghausen*

In the spirit of providing the list with a summer project as well as paying
homage to Herr Stockhausen (who we all owe a great deal to) we offer this

Use the Impulse.aiff soundfile in the 'Klanghausen' project folder (download
from the .microsound server) or make your own impulse sound file in Peak,
Cool Edit, PD or Max/MSP. First build a library of sounds created by sending
your impulse through various types of plugins. Then create a new piece using
this library.

*About Pi*

This project is dedicated to the transcendental number Pi.
Using Pi, .microsound list members composed pieces that use the
number/concept in some direct way.
Also, pieces needed to be exactly 3:14 Min, and use Pi as a formula for
their title.

These (tracks) are the results, released 3.14 (Pi Day).

*About Stone & Ripple*

'the stone cast, the ripple made'

Kim Cascone, January 17 2003

I've always found creating waveforms using time-domain methods much more
interesting than the typical FFT based methods...while I was working for
Staccato Systems I came across a PC application called Wigout developed by
Arun Chandra

Wigout allows one to create waveforms by transforming 'segments' in time.

The docs at the website will explain all this in more detail.
After speaking with Tad Turner about the idea of implementing Wigout in
Max/MSP he developed a patch that incorporates Wigout's functionality plus
some extra features.

After playing around with Tad's patch for a short while I was able to create
some very unique sounds and thought that his patch could become the basis
for a very cool list project.

*About Parasites*

Parasites being organisms that live on the host body of larger organisms, I
thought it an interesting concept for the use in place of the idea of

In the spirit of providing the microsound list with a community project I
offer this invitation:

   * Using only the material found on tracks 2 - 20 on the Parasites CD
(anechoic a001) create a new work no longer than 5 minutes in length.
   * Upload finished work to the microsound hotline server for others to
   * Feel free to mutate, mangle, destroy, induce failure in, and generally
f_ck up the samples to your hearts content.

*About Watermann Memorial*

Celebrate the life and work of John Watermann (Feb.19.1935 - Apr.4.2002)

Using only the material found on the hotline server (in the "John Watermann
Drop Box/raw sample" folder) create a new work no longer than 6 minutes in

As usual, feel free to mutate, mangle, destroy, induce failure in, and
generally further f_ck up the samples to your hearts content.

*About Steim BufferFuct*

I recently spent a month at STEIM  developing a sound library called

The idea was to take bugs found in LiSa, their live sampling software, and
use them in the creation of new sounds.

Most of the samples I developed are beat-oriented but this doesn't mean that
the final pieces have to use beats.

*About McDonna*

On December 2001, Sonic Foundry organized a Madonna remix contest. Artists
submitted tracks using samples from "Deeper and Deeper," "Music," and "Ray
of Light."

*About 7econds*

The book 'Media Unlimited' by Todd Gitlin describes how the average length
of time needed today to comprehend new information is approx. seven seconds.
This is the reason why sound bites heard on TV and radio fit into this time
frame. It would be an interesting task to create sound works that also fit
within this time frame...

so here is a new microsound project:

   * create a piece no longer than seven seconds
   * there should a strong structural element (i.e., A-B-A, A-B-B-A,
A-B-C-A, etc)...(it can be layered as well...for example: one layer consists
of one sort of structure and another consists of a different one)
   * the piece should NOT be monochromatic (i.e., it should use different
types of sounds)

*About Plan 9*

=> http://www.myspace.com/nineplan

[image: http://www.xdatacenter.net/share/mix53-plan9.jpg]

Forum => http://skyforum.ayzo.net/s,trancegoa,23,1,21507,1,0.html