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Re: [microsound] iTunes just ate a bunch of my unreleased music

Hello all,

There are some very extreme bugs within iTunes when dealing with .aif(f) or .wav files. The problem is that iTunes runs its DRM filter on all files to see if they are "burned from an cd or bought from iTunes"; the issues resides in that their DRM filters breaks direct links to files, then they will not show up in iTunes, the files more than likely still exist. It would be to your and all artists benefit to not use iTunes as a tool for working on serious projects, it is only a consumer tool meant to purposely limit the content that the end-user can store and play.

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David Maier wrote:
That's interesting. I just got a MacBook (iTunes 7.6/OSX 10.5 Intel), and I noticed files disappearing from iTunes – but the files themselves are still where they always were. So don't panic if they don't show up in iTunes – they may still be there. Still (repeat after me): back up frequently! (or get a Time Capsule!)


On Jun 29, 2008, at 7:48 AM, Damian Stewart wrote:

this is a heads-up for anyone using iTunes to preview/playback their unreleased music: my copy (iTunes 7.5/OSX Intel) just ate a bunch of really nice music that i'd made (aiff files) that i have no way of getting back.

obviously i'm not very happy about this at all, as i didn't have backups.

this isn't the first time i've noticed iTunes deleting files, but it is the first time i've noticed it deleting files that i was referencing elsewhere on the harddrive, rather than in its structured iTunes Library folder.

you have been warned.

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