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Re: [microsound] iTunes just ate a bunch of my unreleased music

bryan garcia wrote:

though i imagine you've already looked everywhere.

cd /
find . -iname "*.aif*"
find . -iname "*.wav"

found some files, but didn't find the ones i was looking for.

another possibility, if you don't have time machine, and cant revert, is
to look at your itunes archived library.   you'll need to go to help
menu, but what i've been doing to conserve space is deleting the history
of archived libraries, and you can revert to one of your old ones if you
don't delete them as i do.

don't know what you're talking about with this one. i'm on 10.4.

i do group editing as well, and there  is the auto complete function
that suggests artist name as you are typing.   i wonder if instead of
labeling the songs as you wanted,  it chose one of the auto complete
titles, in which case your music might have gotten mislabeled and is now
sorted as "mili vanilli, or rick astley or something.   check all the
band names associated with what you were tentatively titling your music.

i just reordered my library by time (the two files i'm most pissed about were around about 47 and 53 minutes long, respectively). nothing.

sounds like user error to me.

nope. gone gone gone.

iTunes deletes files.

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