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Re: [microsound] iTunes just ate a bunch of my unreleased music

sounds like user error to me.

nope. gone gone gone.

iTunes deletes files.

Sorry that happened to you. I have used iTunes since it's inception for handling all my music files, and personal musical projects in a variety of formats and never had a problem at all.

But I guess the real lesson here, even if you give iTunes the boot, is that you need to back up your files if you care about them - regardless of operating systems, software programs, or your own sense of computer skill.

Time Machine is found in Leopard, and is fantastic for easy back ups. You won't have to think about it again. If Leopard is unfeasible or undesirable, there is that old school file burn to CD/DVD or upload to your favorite server.

Again - sorry you lost those files. That's gotta suck.
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