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[microsound] 6 ch cycle

Does anyone know a simple, solid running program for free, wich can
adress multiple outs and is able to play 6 channels in cycle?

it's not at all simple, but it is solid over 10 days, and free: PureData

are you looking for something that will play back 6 individual mono files in loop mode?
or a single 6 channel audio file?
neither sounds particularly difficult in either PD or Max/MSP
but if you want anything more tricky than that (synchronization or interactivity) it could wind up being a non-trivial project

and either a 6 x mono or 1 x 6ch soundfile could be made in Max/MSP (in the non-free version or in the 30 day demo) and played back using the runtime (which is free)
and is available for OS X and XP

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