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[microsound] LS-10

just borrowed an LS10 from the audio store where i occasionally work
to test it out. great interface, a breeze to use, beautiful design.
just used the built-in mics to record some carnival ambience, games
and rides at the CNE in toronto...  sounds really good. super clear
and detailed sounded. i'll post some links to the recordings once i
transfer them... it can do 3 and 1/2 hours of stereo recording at CD
quality just with its built in 2gig memory!

yes the LS-10 is a very nice unit -- another thing which is slightly cumbersome is the form factor

material recorded with the internal mics sounds 'colored' compared to better quality external mics I've been using there is an emphasis on the mids -- making it sound 'peaky' or resonant in that region

also, it would have been nice if instead of the mp3 player/dictaphone/ mobile phone form they went for something like the FR-2LE which can be accessed while in an audio bag i.e. controls on top, connectors on the side that being said, be sure to use and wear the wrist strap when recording or else you might drop the unit and it is not as robust as a mobile phone
so it could require a trip to the repair shop

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