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[microsound] FOURM & Shinkei | Metrics Hidamari

i am happy and honoured to announce:

FOURM & SHINKEI - Metrics/Hidamari - 8cm Released

press release : 
The collaboration between FOURM and Koyuki Sound maestro, Shinkei is released on September 10th 2008. We first approached Shinkei way back in the 
Spring, as his exquisite sound renderings impressed us so much, that a piece was commissioned for this co-release on WHITE_LINE.  This release comes in a 
beautiful printed colour cover in translucent packaging. 
We recognised in Shinkei, both an awesome ear for understated minimalism, and a great affinity for architecture. This release is a logical continuation of the 
Archisonics series, and we will be commissioning other artists to do similar work later in the year. Most impressive will be a collaboration with Italian sound artist, 
Luigi Turra.


out now 
Fourm & Shinkei | Metrics Hidamari

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