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Re: [microsound] mics >192khz

mics, being analog devices, don't really have a "ceiling" per se regarding sample rate - what they do have is a frequency range, and the higher sample rates provide a greater ability to capture those frequencies. so, the better the mic the better your recording (using any sample rate) and the better the sample rate the better (subjectively) the recording - or, i should say, the better the capture of the frequencies the mic is delivering.
make sense?

On Nov 11, 2008, at 3:00 PM, flemming lyst wrote:

anyone got any tips on a mic that will record all the way up to 96khz?
as i'm able to record 192khz with my fireface i'm interested to hear what's
going on up there...?

any suggestions??

i found some b&K on their website, but no prices...

btw check out this fine article:


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