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pita's "get out"

so i got this in the mail a few days ago. after 7 tons for free and some of
the more caustic moments on rehberg&bauer's "ballt" i was expecting an
all-out assault, but "get out" turns out to be pretty varied. the third
track (no titles) is 11 minutes of a repeating, almost orchestral-sounding
phrase submitted to varying resolutions of bit-distortion, resulting here
in slight modulation in tone, there in total drop-outs. normally that sort
of thing would just piss me off, but it ends up being almost touching. "get
out" is only 38 minutes long -- the second mego-related cd to appear this
month under 40 minutes (fennesz' "+47," on touch, being the first). it's
ironic, since i've long railed against labels like warp for releasing
essentially good 40-minute cds worsened by 20+ extra minutes of dilutional
garbage. but at the end of "get out" i find myself wishing that extra 20
minutes was there. maybe that's a good thing. always leave 'em wanting more...