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one of the impetuses (imputia?) for starting this list was a thread on
another music-oriented mailing list i'm on. the thread was about "non-music
music." i asked people to recommend music which, in the words of jasper
johns, engages "the point where something becomes something else, only not
quite." in other words, (music) (thanks phil) on its way to becoming music,
but which becomes something else in the process. i got some good
recommendations -- bernard gunther, jim o'rourke, mego artists, werner
dafeldecker, voice crack, christoph heeman, parmegiani, autopoieses,
i.s.o., hatohan, lawrence d. butch morris, etc. etc. 

what really struck me was the *breadth* of the artists named, and after
checking a few of them out, i realized that there is a whole microverse of
"vague musicians" working in digital electronics, cutting across what i
took to be more or less separate aesthetic/conceptual spaces (a lesson i
need to learn from) -- industrial, electro-acoustic, musique concrete,
acousmatics, ambient, techno, post-techno, power electronics,
post-classical, etc. -- and that tapping into the creative reserve uniting
these diverse areas was the next logical step for me.

i'd like to throw the same question out to this list. recommendations could
take the form of a recent or all-time top 5 or top 10, with reviews or
without, and might double as an introduction to some of the areas described
above, as well as a sort of database of "recordings to look into."

i'll start. my list contains recent obsessions as well as recordings i keep
coming back to over time:

1. bernard parmegiani : la creation du monde (ina-grm)
2. jean-claude risset : sud (ina-grm)
3. fennesz : hotel paral.lel (mego)
4. nosei sakata & richard chartier : 0/r (12k)
5. frank bretschneider : rand (mille plateaux)
6. farmers manual : explorers_we (or)
7. monolake : gobi the desert ep (imbalance)
8. atom heart : schnittstelle (rather interesting)
9. hecker : iso161975 (mego)
10. pimmon : vovul ii (static caravan)

i'm particularly interested in expanding the scope of my "old guys"
collection beyond the first two names up there, so any recommendations in
that area would be greatly appreciated.