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Re: [microsound] do less, say more!

> >exactly.
> >an album should fit comfortably on one side of  a c90 tape which equals
> >approx. the length of a lesson at school. thank god for walkmans
> I couldn't agree with you more...I've become so sceptical of anyone being
> able to sustain a listeners attention for 60+ minutes and/or being able to
> have that much to say in one sitting...I also found creating a series of 1
> minute pieces to be a good excercise in being 'economical'...

it's a surprising trend...but lately there  seems to be a a good amount
of shorter tracks. both the novisad and visor releases on tom, oval's
latest as well as panasonic's are made up of primarily three min
tracks...it's sort of refreshing...almost the rough equivilant of an
electronic pop song of sorts...