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Luening Re: [microsound] recommendations

In a message dated 10/27/99 10:07:10 PM, Goxflee@xxxxxxx writes:

<< i was pretty fortunate to have in my family a sort of founding father of 
electronic music. his name was Otto Luening, and he left behind a pretty fair 
amount of experimental works as well as classical style operas and librettos. 
My grandmother has a bunch of his stuff on vinyl which i eventually want to 
put on minidisc and upload to an ftp site where all who want can listen...ive 
never been able to find any of his works for sale anymore, but if you ever 
find "Fantasy In Space"(1952) i would pick it up...it is that wonderful 
organic sound of the earliest forms of electronic music..hopefully, i can get 
ALL his works together in one place for anyone to listen..

regards and respects-

Actually, I have the "Pioneers of Electronic Music" CD on CRI (1991) That 
does have Otto Luening including "Fantasy in Space" +  4 other Luening 
tracks.  nice! I t should be still available.