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Re: do less, say more!

>While I pretty much agree with this, and don't want to start a long
>discussion about it,  I think this is a potentially dangerous trap for
>both the listener and artist to fall into. There are certain modes of
>music making and listening that simply do not work in only a short
>period of time...quick paced consumption(and production) of music,
>video, and art can exclude one from appreciating some of life's most
>incredible works.(Corny I know, but what the fuck).

not corny in the least and you are right about the length being appropriate
to the genre...my experience in having run a record company for many years
is that the perception of both the artist and the distributor tends to be
giving the listener their "money's worth"...for artists, the approach to
making a record tends to be filled with "container anxiety"...this is where
the artist feels like they have to fill the entire disc with music in order
to impart a state of "full value" to the record company and/or consumer
(hence the appearance of 'filler' on many full lengths running 60+
minutes)...as for distributors, our distributor always tried to get us to
drop the wholesale cost of the disc if there was less than an 50 minutes
worth of material claiming that it was really an EP and not a full length
I should have said that for the style of music that the microsound-list is
concerned with, shorter is better...ie: long format is better for something
like Eno's work, but shorter is better for Pita, Farmers Manual, Ikeda, et



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