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>This is a site relating  to audiosculpt among many other things..Aphex has 
>persistently raved about this institute...Definitely check it out if you are 
>a Mac person.

Aphex = 1 lo.tekk korporat fasc!zt veztrn zerf
kommez tout monde

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For the record....A9FF does not sound like AFX. Perhaps if the Aphex Twin
consumed 10 sheets of acid while reading Hawkins there would be a resemblance.

APHEX is cyclical....A9FF is spiral, oscillation and broken cycles, fragments
and disconnected (yet fluid) ideas.
You can't dance to it, unless you were twitching in the overpowering forces of
enlightenment. A9FF is the real soundtrack to pi.

=cw4t7abs wrote:

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> >> >RE: kr0p3r0m
> >> >
> >> >Got the CD today...Good stuff.
> >> >Sounds like a sick mix of AFX, Haujobb, and Throbbing Gristle attitudes.
> >
> >It probably *is* AFX. He does a bit of programming himself these days, most
> >likely using Max on the Mac. And not a lot else these days, according to
> >Tom Jenkinson aka Squarepusher (interviewed in Wire).
> kr0p3r0m != AFX && kr0p3r0m != Haujobb && kr0p3r0m != Throbbing Gristle
> >> >Heh...pure electronic noise terrorism...
> >
> >I'll bet. I'll order my own soon.
> comp.ai.psykology
> >Jeremy.
> >--
> >*I'm new to the list, pardon my illicit ramblings.