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Michael Prime info..?

hello there folks,

    A few years ago I bought Michael Prime's "Fructification" LP from the guy 
at Robot Records because I'm a big fan of Organum / David Jackman and after 
knowing that Michael Prime collaborated with Jackman on projects, I felt the 
need to own one of his releases.

    I immediately fell in love with that release.  ...The droning field 
recordings, pitches, amplified sounds, and white noise.  

    I thought that the "Fructification" LP (on Mycophile Records) was his 
only release until I found a used cd, "Cellular Radar" (also on Mycophile), 
at a local record store.  That cd is as wonderful, if not better, as the 
first lp that I bought.  

    Now that I know that he has these releases out, I'm convinced that he has 
done more and am looking towards you folks, asking if anyone knows of 
anything else he has released and where I can get more information on them.

any help would be welcome with open arms.


 - Bob