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Re: [microsound] Michael Prime info..?

On Sun, Feb 13, 2000 at 11:39:12PM -0500, RKlossner@xxxxxxx wrote:
> hello there folks,
>     A few years ago I bought Michael Prime's "Fructification" LP from the guy 
> at Robot Records because I'm a big fan of Organum / David Jackman and after 
> knowing that Michael Prime collaborated with Jackman on projects, I felt the 
> need to own one of his releases.
>     Now that I know that he has these releases out, I'm convinced that he has 
> done more and am looking towards you folks, asking if anyone knows of 
> anything else he has released and where I can get more information on them.

He's also did an album on RRR records called 'Aquifers' and a few as a member of