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Re: [microsound] process vs achievement

most people are confused by the difference between software development and
content developed with software tools: the two processes are
different...solving aesthetic problems is not quite as linear as solving
algorithmic problems...sometimes the two processes cross, blur and support
one another but when they do the synergism creates a different discipline

YES YES YES... and sometimes sharing the process is part of the art and sometimes it isn't... both are valid. I am, however, troubled by the need to know every detail of a process, as if otherwise the work is not complete... but that's just my thing. It seems to me like demystification for it's own sake is sort of pointless, and reminds me of the way science continually rips away at the world in order to "explain" everything and reveal how it works, instead of occasionally just enjoying the way the world is and simply being there. I like to be able to appreciate sounds as sounds not as violin sounds or laptop sounds or squishy sounds...

IMNSHO I think the casual listener should know as little as possible about
the inner workings of a composers process so they can understand the
musical language of the composer...

Sometimes, at least, though this approach seems like it could lead to equally pointless obfuscation or over-mystification of the process. Art is just something we do, something we enjoy... sometimes a magic show and sometimes an expose... sometimes nothing at all.

Without sounding like a completely idiotic new age prat (too late, I hear you say) I should say that the more secure I feel in my creative process, with my art and even with myself, the less I care how much people know about what my process is... likewise the more unsure I feel the more I tend to want to hide it... mostly anyway... but that's just me...



listen here... http://www.foundrysite.com/audio