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Re: [microsound] microsound future

Well, I do music for the luv and don't plan on making music a "day job",
because I wouldn't enjoy it as much if money became a motivating factor.
If money were the factor, then I would paint a smile on my face and
synchro-dance with my buddies, while singing heartfelt pop-ballads. For
me, financial compensation in music is a bonus  and is not to be relied
upon for income. If I can cover costs for cd(r) releases, bonus! bonus!
On Mon, 18 Dec 2000 16:55:56 -0800 dave palmer
<palmderski1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> the music industry's days are numbered but so is the integrity of
> intellectual property rights and that is something that will affect 
> us ALL.
> any musician can put out music from his/her home and as the 
> technology
> improves will also be able to distribute hi/fi sounding songs/pieces 
> from
> home,however, by the time this is a reality the concept of music
> publishing(at least in a mechanical royalties sense) will have been
> eradicated thus making it practically impossible for musicains to 
> make money
> from the sale of actual product. liscenses and hard-core followings 
> at live
> performances will be what's left for the direct way of making a 
> living for
> music artists. this is both good and bad, but a whole lot of ya'll 
> part
> timers better keep your day jobs!
> ps. thought you might enjoy this debra.

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