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Re: [microsound] microsound future

In a message dated 12/21/00 1:49:20 PM, palmderski1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< >> thrill jockey records was the most profitable record company in th US 
>> year and they deal mostly with indie rock and various forms of
> instrumental
> Where'd you get this info?  Were they the most profitable indie, or the most
> profitable label overall?  I find it hard to imagine them making more money
> than Geffen or whichever.
> -Jesse
>well, i already posted one response to this trying to explain how it is
possible for a smaller label to turn bigger profits than a larger one. the
main point is that labels like TJ once they get well known have built in
crowds that buy for the label name as much as the artist. no major in the
world has this going! >>

OK, but you still didn't answer Jesse's question. where did you get this 
information? I'd be very curious to see the numbers for myself. I wouldn't be 
surprised if Thrill Jockey was the most profitable (or one of the most 
profitable), not in terms of total profits, but in terms of a ratio of 
profits to expenditures, although I would have thought a label like Rawkus or 
even Tommy Boy would have better numbers.

sorry for prolonging a not especially musical thread...