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RE: [microsound] bbn top ten (losoul)

Funny you should mention Farben and Losoul.  Farben's "Live at The Sahara
Tahoe" track mixes straight into Losoul's "Synchro" on Dan Bells
EXQUISITE(sp?) "The Button Down Mind of Dan Bell" mix cd on Tresor.  Great
great great mix cd from one of the pioneers...

Ryan Heard

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>> 01. losoul ­ belong (playhouse)
> Any comments on this one?  I have been quite impressed with Isolee's
> - especially with the way the tracks despite their minimalism stay
> constantly alive with little changes and surprises - on this label and
> wonder whether Losoul is in the same lovely vein.

Here's what I submitted to the newspaper:

losoul ­ belong (playhouse)