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Re: [microsound] microsound future

> Thats not too much to ask for, is it??
> Its just an Xmas Wish of mine but I dont expect anyone to be able to snap
> their fingers and make everything right.  The ghettoization of innovation
> might build character but it certainly doesn't help build culture.

well, believe me i wish i could gratify your wish, i'm totally opposed to
ghettoization and as far as I'm concerned the more people listen to our music
the better it is. However, I have never, and hopefully never will "prostitute"
myself, lick asses to get reviews, or stores owners order the records. We try
our best to release good records and make them available, and above all to
spread the word about music I enjoy. As you wrote snapping my fingers isn't
enough to work the miracle... but for sure let's snap them more and more...
greetings / philippe

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