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Re: [microsound] electronicwomen

From: will soderberg <wsoderberg@xxxxxxxx>
> i was excited to see the marina rosenfeld piece, being a fan of both purse
> (the band) and her solo cd (_theforestthegardenthesea_) on charhizma...

if [microsound] will indulge the diversion, please tell us more about purse.
marina never mentioned it. and i must admit that i didn't know enough to
ask. :-p

> does anyone know if _madscene_, the new release mentioned in the article
> out, and on what label it would come out on?

again, i plead ignorance. marina spoke about the album as though it were in
the can and due for imminent release, but no label was specified. my best
guess is that _madscene_ will be coming out through charhizma. someday.

> speaking of charhizma...i cannot find the dieb 13 cd anywhere...dutch east
india is supposed to be the distributor here in the >states, but neither my
local sotre nor other records in ny has had any luck obtaining charhizma
releases thru dei...

is the annette krebs/andrea neumann ("rotophormen") available here yet? this
one and the dieb13 may have fallen between the cracks when the distributor
picked up the charhizma catalog. or it could be some snag on kurzmann's
side. as it is, the krebs/neumann seems strangely rushed - mixed-up track
order, rough editing and mastering - suggesting that it's still in the
test-pressing stage. i didn't notice any such inconsistencies with the
dieb13, which is actually an ORF stiermark/charhizma co-production. all the
more reason for it to be obtainable through some distribution channel or
other, eh? strange.


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