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Re: [microsound] MoM++oval in tokyo review of sorts

caleb.k@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>                         .               . +
>        then oval                  markus popp is all pop..
>             .his gestures (camp pop) mixed with crowd pleasing foot
> tapping tracks, all be it covered in.loud grating sounds. his recent
> stuff has been filled with noise     --
>     which almost covers the clicking rhythm tracks underneath.     the
> sound through a good pa   was fantastic, almost too much to deal with
>           .at the start an over excited crowd cheered,
>                      one member screaming phrase and many happily dancing....
>   but    popp played for way too long,
>   the tracks all started to sound the same by the end.. i sat down
> with sore legs (must be getting old)

huh ?
Oval and "crowd pleasing foot tapping tracks" and "many happily dancing...." !?
Are you sure it wasn't someone else playing ?