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Re: [microsound] oval armani

> as far as the "sharing of the booty", on the CD itself it credits "Oval" as
> the 3 members at the time... whether or not the composition was registered
> with the PRS as having been "written" by all 3 would be the determining
> factor in who got paid what... and that of course would be dependent on the
> foresight of those involved in "Oval" at the time.

thanx for the lesson, we know how this works but no matter whose name it was
registered shouldn't prevent sharing money with the other composers. and "the
foresight of those involved in "Oval" at the time" sounds obvious to me when i listen
to popp's solo works and compare it with older music.

> the comment about how "thankfully, no one was wearing Armani suits" just
> makes me laugh... who cares? can one presume that someone financially
> successful enough to wear expensive clothes would not be able to appreciate
> this type of music? it's ludicrous.

I agree that it was a stupid sentence. boo boo shame on me

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