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Re: [microsound] oval armani

I have to agree with Philippe. I think Oval is a very overrated band.
Systemisch, 94 Diskont and to a lesser extent are classic albums,
very musical, very light and very new. Everything that came after
that I don't think is very well, noisy, unfocussed and euhhh boring.
An act repeating itself in a spiral that goes downward. Why do these
CDs have these long gaps in there?
The other thing that always bothered me about Oval, is that (at least
all the old) CDs are released in europe, US and Japan with different
track listings, so that you, rik publik, can buy at least 2 of them
(the european are never with extra tracks, so you can get the us and
jap versions with extra's and the originals). And now Popp throws you
something that is called Re:Systemisch, with extra pieces that can't
be found anywhere else. Pure money grabbing, me thinks.

just my two eurocents.


 "What I would like to know is if Mr Markus Popp did share anything with
 his 2 other ex-bandmembers"... reads as unnecessarily accusatory to me...
 maybe i just mis-read the post.

no you didn't misread the post, it was just me bitching as I'm fed up to see him be so overrated... anyway no more waste of time over the self-proclaimed "unique star of electronic music"... philippe

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