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Re: [microsound] adorno essays

> >In UPPERCASE there are no nuances.
> This is simply silly.  The person I was responding to stated that

Silly, I must admit, but perhaps not simply (only) silly.

> determined from the very beginning.  There was no hyperbole in my use of
> the word "everything".  I did not use the word to suggest that "only"

If you say so ~ in which case, yes, I misread you, and stand corrected,
and offer an apology.

However, I also stand by my misreading ~ use of all caps is a hallmark of
hyperbole in online discourse, and this topic is certainly one that often
brings out the hyperbolic in people (myself included).

Disclosure: I have a well incubated wariness of totalizing ideologies (or
if you're an Adorno fan, anti-idealogies) of any kind.  Specifically, of
contentions implicit or explicit that objects (read also: signs, gestures,
or utterances) are primarily, let alone exclusively, political (read also:
economic, social, psychological, or 'cultural') vectors or constructs.

I do not dispute or dismiss the value of analyses concerned with those

But words like EVERYTHING alarm me: they make me think of the sendero
luminoso and the red guard, and the race to raze modernism.

> Lexically, the word has to do with "having extreme importance" in this
> case.  It doesn't mean that other phenomena aren't relevant, which was
> how you were misreading me.

OK ~ but I'm still wary of 'exteme,' finding it lexically too close to