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Re: [microsound] sony / Gimmie a f*$#@ break

i expected this shit talking fall out, Just for the record it was the
Marketing department at Sonic Foundry that decided to name the loops library
"BLIP: The Glitch Electronica Standard Reference"

and just as Twine had people lynching them on the IDM list when their first
Loops disc came out, i knew so many bitch microsound yentas would have a hay
day with the title of our disc.

so enjoy,
i could really care less about the shit talking, im just happy to be
producing work!

current location: los angeles
| http://current-recordings.com/jfrede

Out Now!
| j.frede:unprepared piano
| featuring David Nereson CD
| www.current-recordings.com

Out September 15th:
| BLIP: Glitch Electronica Standard Reference
| "Loops for Acid" CDROM -  Sonic Foundry/SONY Music
| www.sonicfoundry.com

> > shouldn't that be Oh My F*****g God !?
> >
> > 'The Glitch Electronica Standard Reference'
> seems like "My First Sony, the Musique Concrete edition" is only months
> away..
> (ErrorAudio for the masses, brings up a whole new bunch of ideas for
> christmas presents ;)
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