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Art Brut

Peter wrote:

new topic- Art Brut

Is there space for Art Brut in microsound? I'm guessing no but am curious.
I think that relative "intelligence" ( or at least the ability to read a
2,000 page digital music making user manual ) would prohibit a Brut take on
making microsound. Am I off base here?

Not off-base at all. I think many of us are "self-taught". I think 
this is part of the excitment of "microsound" or "post-digital" or 
electronic music in general. One needs no formal training to do it. 
At least not anymore. "Back in the day" one needed access to a 
computer to make computer music... and those were rare, and typically 
were located in the ivory towers of academia or in a few isolated 
private corporate labs.

Thats why I like refering to much of this music as a new kind of 
"folk-music". Y'all.
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