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Re: [microsound] power settings - more thoughts

"i cannot say if droplifting can fit in this scheme, but it defenitely
has to do with subversion of social structures. it's the paradox of
disinformation carrying more information that the official "information"
because it triggers curiosity (i always get this feeling when i re-read

back when i was young (16-17)and used to run around with the art/punk/metal
crowd in the late eighties; i used to get the biggest hoot out of creating
fliers for shows that never existed for bands that usually never existed.  i
would secertly fit them in the racks of local stores and staple them to
telephone pools everywhere that i could.  quitely i would sit back and
listen as my friends and their friends would desperately try to figure out
who these bands were and whether or not to spend the 5 bucks to go see them.
on a few occasion i myself found myself joining in on the conversations
perpetuating my own myths not sure if i was just freaking weird or if i was
really doing it for the reasons i gave myself; which were something akin to
the sociology of rumor and the ideas of misinformation. i found that some
people even began to talk about these shows asking each other if they had
gone to see the "seven foot mountainers" last night, how was? and so on?  i
found that lies became truth from my begetting the myth and others just
assuming that it was real and worthy because it was "parasitcally" attached
to the normal structures of communication and not wanting to miss out or
seem like they were missing out.  the bands (although fake)in question had
gained noterity by being apart of the system even though they had never been
heard.  it was truely an interesting project and i firmly believe in the
power of the droplifitng project as stated above by dp and as kim stated in
his morning thoughts:

> droplifting is one possible way to achieve a break in one area as it
> involves a minimal engagement with money and control/power structures...it
> feeds parasitically off of these structures by embedding itself into them
> for little or no cost and offering an unsolicited chance to choose...

and strange: the fouth reference to the crying of lot 49, in three days, has
just dropped in my mailbox. thanks kim, i had forgotten about that jukebox