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Re: [microsound] sony

> I'm having trouble seeing what that has to do with anything.  Sure, Sony's
> a huge company.  And sure, they could in theory sell their product at a
> loss.  But what would it get them?  Name recognition, perhaps.

they won't operate at a loss forever, just long enough to gain a substantial
share of a particular market...by then the audience learns to associate the
company with that brand...i learned this strategy in the software
business...believe me it is a very effective tactic...
anyways, i was just wondering if anyone cared about it especially if they
make their living at it...or even if they just love this particular genre
and don't want to see it dissipate...

> Maybe
> people will buy it, and you'll hear the same samples in a bunch of songs.
> But I'm not sure if it will screw anyone over unless they somehow

i don't think controlling anyone is what they're after...just the market if
it looks like something viable...