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Re: [microsound] Re: re-era

Thread name: re: re: re-era.

This does seem quite prevalent nowadays. But it is an old
"production" trick, one of the few ways to assure some level
of success to a project -- whatever that means -- is to
re-produce something that already was successful.

Collaborating or using CD-ROM samples, however, are a little bit
different -- maybe more of a necessity and less of a trick?

I suppose all depends on your goals, any of these can lead
to exploration and discovery.



On Wednesday, September 3, 2003, at 05:08  PM, dp wrote:

>> one thing is referencing other people's works, or being inspired by 
>> them. another thing is literally using their work to build your own 
>> work, in my opinion. There is a lot missing in terms of exploration, 
>> control and usage of tools.
> don't we live in the re-make era? (of movies, of songs [covers, 
> remixes]
> and of art in general)
> think about richard hamilton re-doing the large glass and having
> duchamp signing it.
> think about pierre menard "author of the Quixote".
> i have no strong opinion on this cd for sonic foundry
> (meaning, neither good nor bad).
> it's nothing new and i can see why some people might want/need
> something like that.
> if you plan to place a trombone in a song of yours and have no
> clue on how to play one, what would you do?