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Re: [microsound] Re: re-era

> Thread name: re: re: re: re-era
> This does seem quite prevalent nowadays. But it is an old
> "production" trick, one of the few ways to assure some level
> of success to a project -- whatever that means -- is to
> re-produce something that already was successful.

i'm not so sure that this is new to this era, i think maybe what is 'new'
is the idea that ones musical produce shold NOT be repeated by others. that
one OWNS ones musical produce even after it enters the popular sphere. 
i mean, in the mythical time before mecanical recording devices, songs were
not 'owned', at least the popular ones (i mean folk music here), and the
more popular the song, the more it was loved and handled,  the less it was
'owned' - the more it was reproduced, and passed on, and the reproductions
were never identical, the individual performer, conciously or not, would
put their own spin on a peice. 
i dunno, lately i've been thinking about the idea that any 'art' that comes
with a price tag no longer performs the deepest functions of what i think
makes art valuable culturally and socially, that it becomes something eles,
it becomes commerce. 
just thinking, not subscribing yet.