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Re: [microsound] On reasons music sales being down- from lawrencelessig blog

you could actually see this the other way round. it shows the inability 
of the technologists (nerds) to deliver a useable system that fit 

internet has simply failed to deliver its promises. still there is no 
simple widespread system for micropayments. instead of building a 
viable system companies/sites such as napster, soulseek and kazaa 
became greedy and went for grabbing copyrighted material without paying 
the artist (or the artists representative).

to put it simply. the internet is currently wide-open for takeover by 
large commercial interests. no one will (or can) defend the current 
model other than the usual suspects that just want free download of 
anything they see fit to grab. and unless they can produce a business 
model for free content for that actually work - they cant win and we'll 
just see the the bigco's continue to slowly move in as we have during 
the last year.

/Jan L.

torsdagen den 4 september 2003 kl 03.30 skrev svin:

> it actually showes how our courts destroyed the
> grows of technology in us
> http://www.lessig.org/blog/archives/001444.shtml