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Abflug news

Abflug CDs are now available through the following
distributors and stores:

Red Eye, Sydney (soon)
Synaesthesia, Melbourne, www.synrecords.com (soon)

Rotate This, 620 Queen St. West, Toronto

Stupido Shop, Iso-Roba 20-22, Helsinki
Lifesaver, Viiskulma, Helsinki
Dis'n'dat, Kaisaniemi metro, Helsinki
Voltti, Tuomiokirkonk. 21, Tampere
Kiasma Shop, the museum of contemporary art, Helsinki

Amanita, www.amanitarecords.com

The Netherlands:
Staalplaat, Amsterdam, www.staalplaat.com

TibProd, www.tibprod.com

Abflug HQ, www.abflugrec.com

[Abflug 03] Hinterlandt: Sitting, Going Places / Karri
O.: Departures and 
Arrivals is the latest Abflug CD

Sitting, Going Places is a 4-track plane ride for your
mind from German producer Hinterlandt, aka Jochen
Gutsch, whose musical history includes classical
trumpet, noise guitar, and math rock. A neo-digital
tribute to the long haul, each track has a distinct
sound, be it nostalgic ambient, dark scapes or dance
electro. Hinterlandt's music has also been released on
c.u.e. records in Japan.

Better known as a deejay and musician, Finnish Karri
O. makes his debut release as a video artist with
Departures and Arrivals. A diehard fan of air
transportation, Karri puts the seemingly mundane
glimpses of everyday terminal traffic in a new light,
set to original music that ties it all together.

Thank you for flying with us.

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